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What are your excuses for not getting serious about fitness?

By Pam Bailey UR Blogger on 07/21/2013

Do you really want to lose weight and get in shape? More importantly, are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and maintain your results?

Ultimate Results is the premier choice if you are serious about losing weight and obtaining results. At Ultimate Results, we understand that nutrition, exercise and a healthy mindset are vital to your results.

While a healthy and strong mindset will not change a healthy eating habits and exercise regiment due to normal life stress. Generally, those with negative attitudes are more likely to fall out of shape and adopt unhealthy eating habits, as well as give up on challenges.

The clients who experience the best weight loss and fitness results will undergo any and all challenges to reach their goals. A positive and healthy mindset allows clients to find their internal strength, particularly at the weakest moments of their program.

It is common knowledge that exercise and proper nutrition are essential in pursing weight loss and fitness results. Equally as important though are mindset and behavior. In my 26 years working as a personal and wellness trainer, I have learned that clients who have a healthy mindset are more likely to lose weight, get fit, and maintain their results, while those who do not are much less likely to achieve their results.

As human beings, we tend to focus on things of greater “importance” in life. For example, many jobs pay the bills but do not get people excited to get out of bed in the morning. Conversely, many people are excited to make New Years resolutions, such as to lose weight. Therefore, these individuals have all the motivation they need to achieve their goal (in this case, losing weight). If this goal is truly important to them, then the people who make such New Years resolution have the ability to achieve their goal, as it will make truly happy.

If getting fit and losing weight is important to you, then you have the power to achieve these goals. Your brain has a cellular mechanism to create connections if you think something is important. The only question is, what will you do once you have lost the weight and achieved your fitness goals? For most, maintaining results is just as hard, if not harder, than the process of becoming fit and losing weight in the first place. This reasons for this tie back into discipline and personal mindset. At Ultimate Results, we help you become aware of all the pit falls of losing weight and getting into shape. Our personal trainers will keep you accountable; moreover, the Ultimate Results staff will give you the tools to keep yourself accountable and motivated once you have begun to achieve your goals.

The Ultimate Results weight loss program teaches you how change your eating habits for life. This is not a diet – it is a lifestyle system that helps support metabolism and allows individuals to lose weight optimally – mostly as body fat.

At Ultimate Results, we create individual programs based on each client’s unique personality, eating habits and body type. This Cognitive Active Emotional Program (CAEP) is a multi-level behavioral and exercise program designed to help clients reduce or eliminate mental disorders and roadblocks.

Additionally, the program utilizes a combination of proper cardio and strength exercises. The CAEP is designed to help individuals gain awareness on how the body, brain and mind function together as one entity. The crux of the CAEP is based on how thoughts and emotions dictate behaviors.

CAEP also assists individuals who struggle with emotional eating. This program is ideal for individuals who eat in excess and suffer from “yo-yo” weight loss (rapidly losing weight only to gain it back shortly after). CAEP creates an emotional balance that assists individuals in eating well and achieving proper nutrition.

In order for CAEP to be effective, clients must be ready and willing to spend significant time and effort becoming aware of his or her thoughts, feelings, and state of mind. In the beginning of the program, gaining this self-awareness can be difficult. However, self-awareness, in combination with proper physical exercise and a nutritious diet, will do more for the body and mind than any drug currently available on the market. One of the greatest benefits of CAEP is that it helps clients develop lifelong, healthy and achievable coping skills that can be useful both now and in the future, helping clients create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More often than not, it usually takes years, if not decades, to gain weight. Therefore, the process of losing weight cannot logically be accomplished in a few weeks or months. In reality, pills, surgeries and fad diets are short-term fixes that cannot bring about the results of a long-term weight loss solution. At Ultimate Results, we only work with clients who understand this concept and are willing to expend the energy to lose weight and become fit. Many individuals don’t want to talk about the mental side of weight loss program; what these individuals do not understand is that weight loss is just as much mental than physical. A person’s weakest moment will be the test of how serious a person is about losing weight and keeping it off. At this point, it is an entirely mental, not physical, trial. At Ultimate Results, we help our clients obtain the mindset that is needed to help them through such challenges, so that they can focus on their weight loss and fitness goals an maintain their results for life.

Clients weight loss and fitness results are directly in proportion to what will they in between their personal training and cardio sessions, for example how they eat, keep their food journal and perform their cardio session homework.

Being overweight does more damage to your brain than body. It’s common knowledge that being overweight has a damaging effect on your internal organs, as well as cardiovascular system, immune system. It is known that diets that are high in fat and refined sugar are a major factor in developing Type II diabetes or cardiovascular disease. However, as much as excess body fat creates havoc in your body, the danger of excess body fat can have a devastating effect on your brain as well. Excess body fat affects the cognitive ability of the frontal cortex region of the brain. Being overweight increases the chance of developing stress, anxiety and depression. Overeating, particularly the over eating of foods that lack nutritional value (“junk food”) also hinders the production of BDNF neuron. The BDNF neuron is the growth factor that the brain produces to allows for learning, memory, and the reduction of stress. BDNF is also the brains’ major antioxidant generator. Thus, it keep the connection between your brain cells stronger and constructs additional new brain stem cells in many important regions of the brain.

At Ultimate Results we have the experience and know how to help you lose weight, become stronger, reduce your daily stress and anxiety, increase your cellular energy-endurance-fitness, help you sleep more soundly, boost your immune system and, most importantly, help you to feel better about yourself.


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