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Mustafa Nazary, owner of Ultimate Results and the creator of Cognitive Emotional Active Program (CEAP)This program is defined as ..... for more information click here, is an expert in the area of the brain, mind, body and cognitive behavior.

After fleeing Afghanistan to come to the United States, lacking English language skills, and despite having only a few months of college education, Nazary came across an article on how the brain processes information.

A personal trainer since 1988, Nazary already had expertise in fitness and wellness, recognizing a strong connection between his clients’ mindset and their end result.

Thus began a journey of advanced research on how the brain affects the body, focused on Long Term Potentiation (LTP), the process by which humans learn as neurons (brain cells) fire at each other on the synaptic level. Not bound by the boundaries of psychiatry and the medical industry, Nazary dove head first into his studies without conventional restrictions. The world became his living laboratory.

After 15 years of research, Nazary has become a unique contributor to the fitness industry due to his expertise in body, mind, brain, and behavior.

Nazary aspired to create a behavior theory that would explain human thoughts and actions.

Our Results speak for itself

In late in 2012, he completed his Ultimate Theory of Behavior (UTB), explaining why people behave as they do and are inspired to take action or remain passive. CEAP is the offspring of UTB.

CEAP is designed to support individuals coping with emotional and behavioral disorders through cognitive behavioral awareness with healthy diet and proper exercise programs. CEAP is a gradual process helping clients take incremental steps toward improved physical and emotional health.

CEAP can be used to treat people suffering from a wide array of disorders, including obesity, stress, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, depression, addiction, and relationship problems. In order for CEAP to be effective, clients must be ready and willing to spend significant time and effort becoming aware of thoughts, feelings, and state of mind.

In the beginning of the program, gaining this self-awareness can be difficult. However, self-awareness, in combination with proper physical exercise and a nutritious diet will do more for the body and mind than any pharmaceutical. One of the greatest benefits of CEAP is that it helps clients develop achievable, lifelong coping skills to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Ultimate Results, we can change both your body and your mind so you can experience life to the fullest - the way it was meant to be.

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