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It takes a certain type of individual to successfully become an FBI or a law enforcement agent. Not only do they need to have strong mental capacities, good reasoning skills, the ability to think and act quickly, and excellent vision and hearing, but they must also be in great physical condition.

Any person who wants to apply to become an FBI or a law enforcement agent will be put through a rigorous fitness test, and if this testing is not trained for they are unlikely to be successful. Fortunately, as long as a proper training program is sought at Ultimate Results, the test should not be an obstacle.

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In order to maximize your ability to perform well, you must execute exercises in your training program that will have a direct influence on your performance.

FBI Test Requirements:

  1. A maximum sit-up test to be performed in a one-minute time period.
  2. A timed 300-meter sprint.
  3. A maximum push-up test (performed until fatigue).
  4. A timed 1.5 mile run.

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